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Percentages and Perceptions?

December 10, 2020

I’ve walked this earth the biggest part of 60 years now. Not once do I ever recall anyone, in my own circle of acquaintances, who actually became hospitalized with the common flu or cold. As someone who practiced as a federally licensed health care administrator in the State of Ohio for over 10 years, I fully understand that a small percentage of us will die from the standard flu each year. (I’ve just never known anyone in my circle of family or friends that succumbed to the flu – ever, that I’m aware of.)

Over just the past 4 weeks, several acquaintances, friends, and even close family have tested positive for Covid-19 and exhibited symptoms. Most have struggled thru about 2 weeks of feeling crappy, achey, and feverish – along with the ongoing fatigue, loss of smell and taste, and quarantine that often follows the episode of many of those who experience symptoms. And although there is not yet any practical effective treatment or preventitive vaccine, most are recovering.

Additionally, In just the past few weeks I’ve had two good friends hospitalized with positive Covid-19 results. One went home after a few days and, I understand, is recovering well so far.

The other? Well he passed away yesterday. He was my friend, my ministry partner, who faithfully served on a team of technicians and engineers that I help lead. He was a smart, creative, selfless, generous guy who loved God, loved serving others, and will be greatly missed. It’s been a sad weekend and my heart aches with loss and bewilderment today.

To date (Dec. 6, 2020) there are 14.8 million confirmed Covid-19 cases and 282,000 Covid-19 related deaths in the US.

One thing I know for sure. 100% of these people contracted this particular virus from another living, breathing human being that somehow successfully transmitted it.

Today I personally feel fine and have no reason to suspect that I am, or ever was, positive. However, that is certainly not assumed or beyond the realm of impossibility (now or in the future).

That is why I have no desire to unnecessarily breathe on anyone and will continue with the following simple practices of basic hygiene given the current circumstances:

  1. I will avoid close proximity to others especially indoors and in small spaces.
  2. I will avoid large crowded gatherings.
  3. I will always effectively cover my nose and mouth with some type of physical barier when around others. By and large we distribute this virus thru our expelling of respiratory moisture.
  4. I will wash or sanitize my hands regularly and avoid rubbing my eyes and touching my face.
  5. I will avoid all physical greetings such as hugging and hand-shaking with others outside my household.

This is how I choose to serve the people I care about and proceed with my activities of daily living.

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