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Drawing stage plots and line assigments

May 20, 2011

A few years back I created a scale drawing of our auditorium stage using a product called Microsoft Visio. It was quite useful in that over time I created a library of stage elements that were also drawn to scale. The template allows me to sit in on planning meetings and drag elements on and off the stage to help determine positioning and space requirements/ limits. As the template evolved we added space for channel assignments, notes, and tech assignments. What developed was a nice little tool that creates a document that worship and tech volunteers alike can easily refer to and get consistent answers to common questions such as “where do I stand?”, “what mic am I on?” etc..
Recently I’ve been blessed with a new laptop that runs Win7/ 64-bit. Upgrading Visio to office 2010 seemed quite expensive so I recreated the template using a product called Smart Draw. So far it’s been easy to use and accomplishes the same things that I did w/ Visio. If you’re a Tech Director and would like to check out what I’ve been able to output to a PDF, feel free to download this sample. I’d appreciate any feedback on how it looks and what might make it better. Thanks.
Here’s a PDF sample of a weekend service plot
Stage Plot Chapel Live 05-21-11

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