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“I’d rather fail than succeed at something that doesn’t matter.” -Gary Yonek

Hi, I’m Gary. I’m a follower of Christ, husband, father, grandfather, technical arts developer, proponent of electronic media, author, musician, friend to Burundi, and occasional drinker of average coffee.

I get to share this life journey with my wife Marge. We have two amazing children and grand children.

I’m about encouraging, training, equipping, empowering, and collaborating with others (specifically technical artists, musicians and business/civic leaders) in the development and implementation of processes that achieve collectively established goals.

Purpose and Mission really matter. Leadership matters. The way we communicate matters. And, of course, relationships matter.

I also explore the history of electronic communications and study the societal behaviors of our post-modern times – specifically Gen Z and the broad effects of the current digital communication age.

I’m convinced that the future of leadership and organizational success will have to involve a much better understanding the history and evolution of various communication media. How they’ve contributed to the changes in the way we learn, our reactions to stress, how we influence and empower others, and the values which impact a person’s life decisions.


What Matters Matters

Gary Yonek is a transformational, organizational leader who values clearly defined missions, executed by healthy, agile teams, characterized by a culture of creativity, transparency, humility, candor, and ongoing evaluation of process, others, and self.

An experienced effective communicator and collaborator, he leads by way of vision, encouragement, and empowerment critical to building alignment and implementing collectively established goals that advance the mission.

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