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I’m Gary.  A follower of Christ, husband, father, technical arts developer, proponent of electronic media, musician, friend to Burundi, and occasional drinker of average coffee.  Here I post occasional thoughts about leadership, culture, life, ministry, and communications.

I’ve been blessed with an amazing wife with whom I get to share this life journey. We have two awesome children who are also married to the most wonderful spouses.

I’m about encouraging, training, equipping, empowering, and collaborating with others (specifically technical artists, musicians and leaders) in the development and implementation of processes that achieve collectively established goals. I believe that the way we communicate matters. And Relationships matter.

The contents of this blog are my own ideas, observations, and experiences and may not be that of my employer.  Feel free to comment with your own ideas and opinions when possible. I won’t argue or debate on-line, but if you have an online presence, feel free to invite me. I’d love to check it out and get some insight into your perspectives and opinions on various things that are important to you.


-gary yonek

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