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Postmodernism: What cultural or behavioral shifts have you observed since 2005?

March 15, 2023

Occasionally I’ll hear someone speak about “these modern times”, when what we’re actually living in are the “post-modern times” – and we have been for about 15 years.

For over 400 years the modern era was marked largely by the printing press as the single dominant communication medium and profoundly shaped the linear literary mind especially in Europe and the West.

Many agree that post modern times began around 1970-1980 (some even say the late 1800s with the introduction of the telegraph). The Digital Communication Age, however came into full effect around 2005, significantly and noticibly changing cultural behaviors and attitudes.

The post modern mind is now largely shaped by current electronic technologies, specifically the fast dominance of digital communications as primary communication media.

Although, in the west, we still technically live and operate as a written, literate society, physical print is no longer the dominant medium. It’s simply not the reality any longer.

Consequently, our collective insensitive, sometimes violent, conduct and impulsive, sometimes irrational responses to our surroundings reflect that of more an oral, tribal tradition than that of a literary society. And those seem to be just a few of the behavioral characteristics of the digital communication age. What are some others?

This is our reality. And this will enevitably have to factor into the way we lead others and build teams moving forward.

What notable cultural or behavioral shifts have you experienced or observed beginning in 2005?

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