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Hurry up and slow down

January 2, 2023

Happy New Year!
Now hurry up and slow down.  Take a pause.

I’m generally not one for resolutions, rituals, or “disciplines” but twice each day I take a pause of about 5-10 minutes (10:15AM and 6:30PM). I started doing this about a month ago and literally have it in my calendar with a reminder that pops up on my phone. It’s intentional.

And I’ve given myself permission not to feel guilty about it.

During those moments I literally close my door, silence my phone, turn off the screens, and maybe put in some headphones with some calming music to help bock interruptions and distractions. I don’t take calls.

This is not a break to play a game or take a nap. Not a chance to cram in some exercise or study time, to scroll social or check the news. Actually it’s a healthy disconnect from all things both important and trivial.

No, this is more of a reset. A time to quiet my heart and thoughts. And take some deep breaths.  A time to remind myself what’s most important and that I’ve been given all the time that there is.  For me I might meditate on a scripture verse or pray, or just be still for a few minutes.  It’s refreshing and energizing.

Try it.  I think you’ll quickly realize that there is likely nothing in your life that will fail or succeed because you took your hands off the wheel and stepped off your treadmill for 5 minutes.  You’ll find that everything will be right where you left it.  You’ll get back to your emails, crisis management, projects, meetings, and return phone calls.  And even if there’s something in your life that’s big and daunting, intentionally letting go of some worry and anxiety for a few minutes certainly won’t make it worse.  In fact a clearer mind might help you cope and navigate things more healthily.

You’ll most likely find it’s difficult to be quiet with yourself without constant noise, if even for just 10 minutes. And that, I think, is maybe the point.-garyyonek

Taking a regular and frequent pause will help you be a better you – a better leader, spouse, friend, coworker, parent.

Happy New Year!

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