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Lots to process – Africa

April 15, 2013

Tonight we had a team meeting where we got to share some concerns and questions.
Our 11 member team leaves for Burundi in about 2 months. In that time we will have to get our shots, visas, and finances in order.
I’m excited to be going with my son Zach.

Of course, some of my practical concerns revolve around managing cameras and technical gear, keeping batteries charged, and how pack efficiently.
Much of our team discussion however, revolved around hygiene, spiders, snakes, and access to water and electricity during the 10 day mission.

My personal desire is to bring back a story of our team interacting and coming along side the Batwa people. To show love and help enable them to maximize their quality of life. To show a real connection so that our church will see this more than just supporting a missionary somewhere.

We don’t have a lot of specifics and don’t know exactly what to expect when we arrive. We don’t have any experience with this particular organization and although some on our team did an exploratory visit last year, none of us have been in this particular area of Burundi. That’s why this leadership team was selected to go and learn and assess needs, to build relations with this outreach group, and to engage with the Batwa people.

My understanding is that we will be making connection with a new village that has not yet received any type of assistance. There are going to be a lot of unknown variables. Flexibility is the key.

What is attractive about the group we’re partnering with is that they have a mission to improve conditions thru education, agricultural training, building houses, and bringing hope thru scripture. It’s a combination of providing for immediate needs and enabling villages to become self-sufficient within a 5 year period or so.

Lots to process.

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