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Develop common mission statements…

April 5, 2014

Most churches and structured organizations have a mission statement that defines how we implement our values.  But do your worship and/or technical arts teams? Since a big part of what we do in tech involves the worship team we decided a little over a year ago to develop and common mission statement.  It was a bit of a challenge as often the needs and tasks of the tech team can often be quite different than those of the musicians on the platform.  But we serve a common purpose. Our end game is the same.  So after several weeks of discussion and prayer we came up with this universal statement that I thinks describes nicely the heart and attitude that we value as necessary to carry out the overall mission of our church.

“The Chapel Worship Team: consists of individuals called to bring people one step closer to God, to each other, and to freedom in Christ by leading in worship, serving faithfully and humbly with our gifts, and by reflecting the character (love/grace) of Jesus Christ in our lives at all times.” -2013 Chapel Worship and Technical Arts

Developing the statement was a great exercise and we learned a lot about each other as a staff.  And we can clearly share it with everyone on our teams. Does your worship team have a overriding mission or values statement that you share between your worship and tech volunteers and staff?

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